The Pharmacy on 34th in South Edmonton is a conventional Pharmacy
and a Vaccine & Immunization Clinic to help prepare you and your family for a safe trip! 
Our experts in travel health will help to protect you from every preventable illness.

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- Banquet Facilities
- Woodvale Playschool
- Millwoods Golf Course
- Millwoods Soccer
- Millwoods Hockey
- Presidents' Council

Edmonton Sports Council

Welcome To Mill Woods

Welcome to,  your virtual gateway to our incredible community - Mill Woods and The Meadows. Our community was established in the mid 1970s and was designed as a stand-alone town concept within the bounds of the city of Edmonton. Our population of nearly 100,000 people is ethnically diverse and nearly every possible ethnic or cultural group is represented. And yet, despite its differences, this community has pulled ahead of countless others to establish what they could only dream about. Through its ability to establish and sustain community-wide voluntary effort to enhance quality of life through each of its ten Community Leagues. Mill Woods and The Meadows stand proud & confident.